Gel Liner Battle


Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner

I think of Bobbi Brown as one the first, if not the first, to start the gel liner option. When I found this liner I was in awe and had to have it. I purchased it with 2 in a kit and one on its own. I think I had caviar, espresso, and chocolate shimmer. With all the hype and fantastic reviews I was super excited to try them out. Each of my liners went on chunky and grainy. It kind of felt like there was sand in the gel. Talk about a bummer. I wore the liners and they had a caked appearance. anyway and noticed that a couple of hours in the liner began to almost vanish from each side of my eyes. It’s hard to explain… The liner did not smudge or flake, it just started to disappear. I’m not sure if I got the short end of the stick and purchased bad liners but I was very disappointed. Another thing was some of the liners are way to glittery for my taste. I prefer satin or matte liners and some of these were full of glitter (exact reason why I won’t try the Buxom gel liners!). I’m going to give Bobbi Brown gel liners another chance in the near future. If you have experience with them let me know.

$21 from Sephora


Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner

I love Tarte. I really do. But there was something about this liner that was lackluster. It worked well…. stayed on, didn’t smudge but for some reason and I can’t figure out why, this liner made me a little sad inside. At the end of the day the liner looks a little crackled but it lasts. I think the bummer of this liner is the price. It does come with a brush however, but I would rather have a cheaper price than a new brush for every color I purchase. Give Tarte a shot. I would look for a kit though unless you want lots of liner brushes.

$22 at Sephora


Sephora Collection Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner

Me and my cousin were playing around in Sephora when a bright blue color caught my eye. This is how I met “Electric Teal” smokey cream liner from Sephora. It was love at first sight. This color is super light and bright teal. A great fun and going out color. I bought it and soon purchased ‘Made in Manhattan”, a nice rich dark grey. These liners also have a bit of a shimmer to them but nothing ridiculous. They also live up to their name, they are very creamy. Kind of airy in a way too. I wear these liners pretty much on a daily basis. They last alllll day with no caked or cracked look at the end of the day. And definitely no smudging here! To top it off they’re one of the cheapest gel liners you can find!

$10 at Sephora


L’Oreal HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

Before I get started on this one I want to mention that L’Oreal DOES test on animals. My sister gave this to me as a gift and gave me a hard time about returning her thoughtful gift. …blah blah blah…. Ok. Back to the review. This liner comes with a brush, as pictured. The first thing that comes to mind with this liner is actually the brush. Lets just say it sucks. The bristles are super stiff and are sharp on delicate eyelid skin. As for the liner itself, it’s decent. You get what you pay for in this case. I had it in midnight blue and it was a pretty color but it didn’t last the whole day and smudged at the corners of my eyes. No thanks! The Sephora liner is cheaper and works much better!

$11.79 at Ulta

ignoring the fact that L’Oreal tests on animals 2/5


I have not tried every gel liner in existence but I have tried enough to help you in your quest for the best. In my experience the top is Sephora, followed by Tarte, Bobbi Brown, and then L’Oreal. I have tried other gel liners from other companies but they have discontinued their line and there isn’t really a point to review a dead product…

Let me know your gel liner experiences!


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